Pamela Walker

Pamela Walker

Your Destination Wedding Specialist: 10 Truths about ME!

When you work with a Destination Wedding Specialist, you want to know that they are well-versed and experienced in the travel industry and the world of weddings in general. But there is something to be said about getting to know them on a personal level too! After all, you’re entrusting them with a life milestone – it’s important to be able to have a connection with them on some level.

Knowing your Destination Wedding Specialist on a more casual level takes a lot of pressure and stress away from planning your big day. Think of us as your confidants  – you shouldn’t feel weird about approaching your Destination Wedding Specialist with whatever issues you may have during the planning process. You may even find common interests that make planning with them, much more FUN!

fun facts about destination wedding specialist

Aside from planning and coordinating your destination wedding plans, there are little fun tidbits that may come as a surprise (or not) to many of my clients.

Here are a Few Fun Facts that you may not know about me!

  1. I have four tattoos and am currently contemplating my fifth. Call it a cliche, but getting tattoos can be addictive!
  2. I have my motorcycle license and drive a Vespa. Of course, I may resort to the usual four-wheel vehicle during Calgary’s brisk winters, but Vespas are the best during the summer!pamela walker on a vespa
  3. Some of my favourite destinations are far from your traditional all-inclusive destination circuit! South Africa, Kenya & Florence, Italy were some of the best destinations I’ve had the pleasure of exploring.
  4. Iceland is definitely at the top of my Travel Bucket List.ten year anniversary
  5. There’s a reason for why I understand the process of planning a Destination Wedding so well – I was once a Destination Wedding bride myself! I will be celebrating my ten-year (destination) wedding anniversary this November!
  6. I’m a frequent ‘escort’ for doggies from destinations I travel to with high kill shelters, to bring them back to Canada to find forever homes.destination wedding specialist and dog rescuer
  7. Shopping and being tall is a challenge. I am 6’1″ and have always had a hard time finding pants long enough!
  8. One of my biggest pet peeves are passengers who ignore common decency on flights. In fact, some of my rants were published on Passenger Shaming…I seem to see a lot of bare feet on aircraft.
  9. Despite having a general interest in golf, I have played and achieved a hole in one!pamela walker - adrenaline junkie
  10. I’m a HUGE adrenaline junkie! I bungee-jumped the world’s highest bridge jump (216 metres), sky dived, zip-lined, and swam with whale sharks.

So there you have it – some truths may be surprising and some may have been expected. I’d love to know more about YOU! Feel free to tell me a few fun facts about you on the COMMENTS below!

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  1. Your sense of adventure makes you a great destination planner! You clearly know how live a full life 😎

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