Musings of a Beachside Bride

I was married seaside with my toes in the sand under a cloudless Caribbean blue sky. As a former destination bride and a lover of all things weddings & travel, I've married these passions into a rambling of my thoughts, ideas & dreams... enjoy!

Accommodating Your Guests at Your Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Wedding Invitations

A well-informed guest is a happy guest! Keep your guests in the loop of what is happening as your plans unfold for your big day in paradise.

  • Send out your Save-the-Dates somewhere between 8 & 12 months in advance of the travel dates.
  • Be sure to include the URL for your Wedding Website - this website hosts all of the travel details and more for your guests to explore and familiarize themselves with your wedding plans.
  • If you have your own wedding website, be sure to keep your website updated. Let your guests know when you';ve made important updates so they can visit your website and stay informed about the festivities.
  • Prepare a 'Welcome Bag'; for your guests once they arrive at the destination. Include an itinerary of any wedding-related activities. Having a beach wedding? How about embroidered beach towels in your wedding colours, or a reusable beach bag with some sunscreen inside. You could include something from the local area such as a mini bottle of tequila or rum!
  • Let your guests know ahead of departure the expected dress code'; for the wedding day. It will be a lot hotter and a lot more casual than a wedding at home, so they will appreciate have a guideline to go by from you.
  • Be sure to send thank you notes when you return home, and include a photo of your group.
Destination Wedding Real Wedding

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